Friday, March 14, 2008

Judith Berman's "Awakening" (novella, fantasy)

Nearly 18,000 words that say exactly nothing!!

Aleya, the heroine, had been enchanted to become a ghost & live as dead in a mass grave for 200 years by a sorcerer! The story is of her redemption, if conclusion can be called that. In between, we have swords, magicians & sorcerers who can operate even when dead & live by eating the souls of the living! Plus many other enchantments - mostly negative situations & characters.

I am still wondering why I finished it. I should have thrown it away after a few hundred words.

Full text of this story is available for download.

Fact sheet.

"Awakening", short story, review
First published: "Black Gate" magazine , #10 (Spring 2007).
Rating: C
Nebula Awards 2007 jury nominee in novella category.