Thursday, May 1, 2008

IMPORTANT: Flood begins

Beginning this post, & till one titled "Flood ends" comes, there are going to be some 300 odd tiny posts - stories of all lengths - novel to flash fiction. This is part of the project to give teeth to already existing thematic story search feature.

These posts are not new content - so regulars might want to skip them. They fall in 3 categories:

  1. Stories I consider uninteresting to not warrant a separate post - so had tucked them away in some list like a magazine issue.
  2. Important stories I haven't got around to write a proper post about. They often appear in the form of one or two line comment against the story entry in an anthology or collection. I hope to eventually get around to fill them up properly.
  3. Stories by Arthur Clarke that already have a proper post at my older Arthur Clarke Fansite. They only get a link to their normal entry there, plus tags that enable them to be included in thematic search.
Posts of first & third category have titles beginning with "*"; second category posts have titled beginning with "**". Third category posts are sometimes prefixed "[dummy post]" instead.

I do not intend to fill these posts with correct tags today; it's a time consuming process. So this flood is sort of preparation. Over next few weeks, you should see more thematic categories on "by tag" page, & more entries returned for specific themes.


Rusty said...


That is quite a feat Tinkoo! Good luck with that - I hope you don't have anything else planned for the next day or two! ;-)

tinkoo said...

Thanks Rusty.

And being a programmer, I'd underestimated the effort! Looks like there aren't going to be many other posts rest of this week.

Krishnan said...

Really painstaking work I'm sure. I guess you have this weekend set aside for this work.