Sunday, May 4, 2008

* Poul Anderson's "The Barbarian" (short story, fantasy, humor)

Some Mediterranean tribe of sentients couple of hundred thousand years - I doubt author meant humans since they were not around then - has two "civilized" warring kingdoms.

One of them receives a "barbarian" from the North - with a different way of looking at the war. He has local queen's support, though military doesn't like him. He will treat a battle as a raid - utterly destroying the victim city & ruthlessly looting it. Making his employing kingdom very unhappy - they only wanted to dictate trading terms, now there is no one left to trade.

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  1. Anthony Boucher (Ed)'s "The Best From Fantasy & Science Fiction, Sixth Series". An online copy is linked by Free SF Reader (with at least one incomplete story - Theodore Sturgeon's).

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