Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tavis Potts' "Eye-Pod" (flash fiction, cyberpunk, free, minor post)

Narrator gets a natural eye replaced with an "Eye-Pod" - "a bio-organic-silicon hybrid" device. "Instant information wired to my mind, immersive entertainment, peer-to-peer mind networking ... it even has an alarm directly wired into my body!"

While the concept of implants like this is nothing new in science fiction, thing that pushes this story to top league - in my book, anyway - is: the author manages to tell the story on this subject without a lot of jargon. Focus is on story - the only kind of cyberpunk I like.

Fact sheet.

First published: AntipodeanSF, #119 (April/May 2008).
Rating: A
Download full text.


Tavis said...

hi there, thanks for the nice comments on my story!