Monday, June 16, 2008

Hartwell & Cramer's "Year's Best SF 13" is out (many stories are also online)

Locus reports (it's actually a week old report, but I'm not very regular in checking news!) that David Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer's "Year's Best SF 13", Volume 13 of their well known annual anthology, is out ($8 list price, paperback, about 500 pages). A few of the included stories have already been online.

Browse Inside feature of HarperCollins' page on this book provides about first 15% of the book online. This includes 2 stories I've not yet seen online: Johanna Sinisalo's "Baby Doll" (a translation of original Finnish, probably older than 2007 story), & Tony Ballantyne's "Aristotle OS". Note they cannot be downloaded; only read online via a somewhat cumbersome interface.

John Kessel's "The Last American" is also included in these online pages, but it's far more accessible in its already downloadable form as part of the collection John Kessel's "The Baum Plan for Financial Independence & Other Stories".

Of the other two well publicized anthologies, Dozois' is expected sometime in July, & Horton's "in a month or two".