Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ron Carlson's "In Old Moab" (short story, non-genre): Description of a robbery that never happened

Playboy stories tend to be generally better than this one! There is no sanity in its ending.

Story summary.

A man enters a bar called "The Canyan Club" alone late evening in a town called Moab somewhere in the US, with a pistol & with the intention to rob. As his bad luck would have it, instead of finding the bar deserted, some 50 women choose to enter it then - foiling his plans.

Story is narrated by a bystander who meets the would be robber in bar. In a bizarre ending, after telling the narrator about his failed plan, the would be robber shoots himself dead!

Fact sheet.

First published: Playboy (US), May 2008.
Rating: C


Rusty said...


You may not believe this but I was actually born in the town of Moab! Yep, I lived there for a few years and then moved away, but I spent most of my life growing up only a couple of hours from Moab. Anyway, it is a small town in the south eastern part of the state of Utah. It is famous for its red rock landscape and amazing natural arches. It has also been the setting for several Hollywood "western" movies.
Anyway, sounds like the story was so-so, but I wanted you to know that the town of Moab is certainly very cool!

Tinkoo said...

Interesting - finding someone familiar with a town found in a story.