Monday, July 21, 2008

67 online stories: Tor, Keith Laumer collection, & 2 Indian ezines (Indian Science Fiction & Fantasy, & The Scientific Indian)

I've not read any from the list below, & in fact hadn't even heard of any author except Laumer, Scalzi, & Stross. So no comments on quality.

Tor's much talked about new site is live in a blog format with a stories-only feed, plus two stories already: John Scalzi's "After the Coup", & Charles Stross' "Down on the Farm".
Bug: Clicking the link of items in stories-only feed gives 404 error! Not sure if this also happens with their master feed. So it's useful only to get notifications when new stories are up; then go hunt on their site!

Free SF Reader linked Keith Laumer's collection "The Lighter Side" a week back. 10 stories, all online.

"Indian Science Fiction & Fantasy" appears to be a relic of dot com era, & has been long dead. But its archives still contain 47 original stories in English - all by Indian authors.

"The Scientific Indian" is run by an Indian in England. It has a stories-only feed, infrequently gets new story updates, & currently has 8 stories in archives. All stories are by Indian authors.