Friday, July 4, 2008

Pamela Zoline's "The Heat Death of The Universe" (short story, non-genre, humor, free): A lighthearted description of a day in a woman's life

No great message or technology here, just a lot of smiles. And it's written in an unconventional format that made me futilely expect return to normalcy early in the story; but that's a feature.

Except for bizarre last para, it tells us of what a certain Sarah Boyle - married with an uncertain number of children, did during a certain day that also happened to be the birthday of one of her kids. And it tells the ordinary in a way that made me smile often.

Fact sheet.

First published: New Worlds, July 1967.
Rating: A
Download full text from Internet Archive.
Included in Ellen Datlow's Sci Fiction classics.


Floyd said...

But the last paragraph is the whole point, and makes the story like "The Scream", also an indictment of our society.