Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bot SF update

Original free fiction feed now picks up two more sources: new issue announcements of "Behind the Wainscot" magazine via SF Scope, & actual stories from quarterly magazine "Byzarium". From Byzarium, I pick up only science fiction & flash fiction, & ignore other stories. This feed also has a bug fix: occasionally, a non-story post from 365Tomorrows was slipping through.
Credits: I found Byzarium via QuasarDragon.

Featured posts feed no longer picks "History of Science Fiction" posts at Solar Flare & "My Favorite Science Fiction Story" posts at Best Science Fiction Stories. Both series are concluded.

Main Bot SF page.


Eoghann Irving said...

Actually just so people know the History of Science Fiction series isn't concluded. It's just on an unplanned hiatus.

Unfortunately those posts take quite a bit of time to collate and my day job is pretty much sucking the life out of me right now, to the extent I just don't have the energy.

I should probably have posted some sort of notice, but I didn't expect the hiatus to run this long. The plan is still to work my way right the way through to present day.

Maybe the holiday weekend will give me a chance to start things up again.

Tinkoo said...


I've introduced your series check again. Your series will now be picked up whenever you post, provided you keep the prefix that has identified the series so far in title.

Look forward to reading more history.