Thursday, August 28, 2008

Online magazine: Darwin's Evolutions, #2 (August 2008) is out

While not out of this world, their debut issue last month was interesting. August 2008 issue is now available with 6 pieces of short fiction (last month, it was 3 stories):

  1. C Mitchell O'Neal's "The Angels of St Ambrose"
  2. Lazette Gifford's "Professional Choice"
  3. Nancy Fulda's "Ghost Chimes"
  4. Casey Fiesler's "Doggy Paddling"
  5. Bill Ward's "20,000 Light Years to Lilliput"
  6. Lorne Kates' "Strange Day"
Going by last month's issue, it's going to be a mix of scifi & fantasy.

I do wish their editor's feed will have the title of new issue announcement posts prefixed with something like "New Issue: " - so a program like original free fiction feed bot can automatically pick it up & include it in Bot SF. But only one single final announcement please - not the preliminary ones. This issue #2 has been out for over a week now, & I just noticed.

Also, I wish there were a way to link to individual stories, in addition to whole issue. That ensures good stories get talked about.