Monday, September 22, 2008

Online: Stanlay Weinbaum stories

Marcus L Rowland links a lot of online stories of Stanley G Weinbaum. Some stories are at Project Gutenberg of Australia; others his own scans at his site. Note his own scans are OCR-processed text files - not raw image files.

I've read only 2 Weinbaums; both are adventure stories:

  1. "A Martian Odyssey" is probably his most famous work - a man trekking through Martian landscape & encountering several kinds of aliens - termite inspired hive creatures, an illusionist hunter that makes you see the familiar to lure you into its trap, a creature called "Tweel" that I don't know what to compare with, grasses that part when you pass through them, & very-slow eons-living creatures with biology based on some gas & (I think) silicon. It's often cited as among the first stories that described aliens as truly alien rather than hominids.
  2. "Parasite Planet" is a romantic trek through the dangerous jungles of Venus.