Thursday, September 4, 2008

Original free fiction bot update - 4 September 2008

Original free fiction bot now tracks 2 more sources:
  1. Pantechnicon: Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror magazine. "new fiction every quarter". I pick up all stories, & label in my feed based on source classifications: short stories as scifi, fantasy, horror, or slipstream; plus unclassified flash fiction.
  2. SFX: Occasional short stories.
    Credits: While I've been watching SFX feed for a while & had seen a fiction post yesterday, I'd all but forgotten about it until reminded by this QuasarDragon post.
This takes the total number of sources tracked to 28. I'm aware of at least 24 more publishers of online original fiction that I'm not tracking yet because of either lack of feed or feed unusable by a program.

Also, Original free fiction bot now also inserts these bot code update notices within the feed - so the feed is independent of main Variety SF feed. These notices are labeled "[admin]".