Sunday, September 28, 2008

Original free fiction feed now tracks 9 more sources

Recount: Original free fiction bot is a piece of server software that automatically & continuously tracks (currently) 49 publishers of original free fiction on web, & delivers their stories, episodes & new issue notifications to inbox via feed.

During the 7 day period 21-27 September 2008, this feed picked up 33 short stories, 1 magazine new issue announcement, 8 episodes of serialized novels, & 8 comic strips. That should be better than 1 magazine delivered to inbox every other day!!

New sources added to watch list this week.

  1. Gareth D Jones' flash fiction on some Fridays. [via Futurismic].
  2. Plot Medics' Friday Flash feature: New flash fiction every Friday. Alternate weeks by Sarah Ellender & Gaie Sebold. [via Futurismic].
  3. Neil Beynon's Friday Flash Fiction.
  4. Lilith Saintcrow's serialized novel "Selene". "New chapters ... every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... contains adult material." I'm not sure if it is new or reprint; for the moment, keeping in this feed. [via SF Signal].
  5. Jayme Lynn Blaschke's weekly serial fiction "Memory" at No Fear of the Future: "a literary experiment ... to attempt a weekly serial ... a story with no idea as to where it would end up... a week to produce each installment, roughly a thousand words in length... It may turn out to be a short story ... or it could be a novel. Most likely somewhere in between." [via Futurismic].
  6. Zeashan Haider Zaidi's serialized novel "Taboot" (in Hindi): "A humorous science fiction serial".

    Currently at fourth episode. It started off well, but the individual episodes are neither chapters nor complete scenes; they seem to be arbitrarily cut off at random points - making following the serial somewhat tedious.

    I explicitly mark the language in feed output. I'm wondering if it will make better sense to automatically translitrate these episodes to English before inserting into this feed?

    Gives me two other ideas. How about also picking up original fiction in Japanese, German, ... & inserting it into this feed after automatic translitration? And the other way round - why not a feed in French made by transliterating this feed? Likely to be a bit of work. Probably future projects, unless I lose interest.
  7. Jeff Parish's "Jennings Grove" - Horror novel being serialized at "Graveside Tales".
  8. Barry Napier's "Blood Routes" - Horror novel from "Graveside Tales", being serialized at its own site.
  9. Kevin Sweeney & Nathaniel Lambert's "Sideshow PI" - Horror novel from "Graveside Tales", being serialized at its own site. Nearing end now.


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