Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some online stories of Paolo Bacigalupi

Rusty at Best Science Fiction Stories links 3 of the Bacigalupi stories from his collection called "Pump Six & Other Stories": "The Tamarisk Hunter", "The Fluted Girl", & "The People of Sand and Slag". He also reviews "The Fluted Girl". These stories probably have been around for a while - web pages were familiar, but I had never linked it.

Based on only one Bacigalupi story I've read ("Yellow Card Man"), & others' comments on his other stories, I'll say expect realistic but very dark stories. And at least "Yellow Card Man" wasn't science fiction, even though it's sometimes sold as such.

That doesn't exactly make me a Bacigalupi fan (I usually avoid darker stuff), but tastes vary...