Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Update: List of stories from John W Campbell's Astounding (later Analog)

3 more entries in the big list of stories from among issues of Astounding/Analog edited by John W Campbell, Jr:

  1. April 1960: Rick Raphael's "Make Mine Homogenized" (B); download; humor: When exposure to radiation from a nuclear bomb testing facility did strange things to the milk of a cows & eggs laid by hens in a neighboring farm.
  2. May 1960: John Cory's "Egocentric Orbit" (C); download: First men in space, making a few rounds around earth, all go mad because...

    I'm actually surprised because of publication date - a story from 1960 talking about this!

    There are thematic similarities with Tom Godwin's "The Nothing Equation" - but Godwin's story is at least set outside the galaxy & is not likely to get tested soon.
  3. January 1972: Jerry Pournelle's "A Matter of Sovereignty" (as by Wade Curtis) (B); download: A US company is practically taking over a small Pacific island republic!

    Part of the story is an adventure - a company-mobilized gang forcibly frees its cargo ship seized by a neighboring country for some violation or the other. Then there is a conservation project of a kind that makes me see red - big talk of whale conservation by characters that have little regard for other forms of life. There is also an unrelated tangent background thread about towing glaciers from Antarctica to meet fresh water needs of some place on US west coast!!!