Friday, September 12, 2008

Voltaire's "Plato's Dream" (flash fiction, religion, free): Even god isn't perfect!

Illustration accompanying the online text of the short story titled Platos Dream by VoltaireThis is a frame story - a "little-known" "dream" of Plato, but in the same category as his better known dream called The Republic!! Most of the story is the description of this dream.

"Demiurgos, the eternal geometer ... decided to test the knowledge of those lesser superbeings who were also his creations... He gave them each a small portion of matter to arrange".

Demogorgon created earth as part of this assignment. Other classmates created Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn.

Story is of the peer criticism of the each project in the class. Of course, most of the text is devoted to earth - things the Creator didn't get right. But if the superbeing classmates aren't perfect, could the ultimate Creator be perfect?

Fact sheet.

First published: 1756.
Download full text from The Wondersmith.
Rating: A