Sunday, October 12, 2008

Original free fiction feed now tracks 10 more sources (including several magazines)

Recount: Original free fiction bot is a piece of server software that automatically & continuously tracks (currently) 67 publishers of original free fiction on web, & delivers their stories, episodes & new issue notifications to inbox via feed.

During the 7 day period 5-11 October 2008, this feed picked up 35 unique short stories, 4 magazine new issue announcements, 5 episodes of serialized novels, & 13 comic strips. How many magazines will that average to - in the inbox every day?

New sources added to watch list this week.

  1. Sarah Ennals' "Does Not Equal" weekly webcomic at Futurismic.
  2. The Future Fire magazine: "Speculative. Cyberpunk. Dark." Monthly. I'm picking up new issue announcements. [via QuasarDragon].
  3. ChiZine aka Chiaroscuro magazine: Fiction, poetry, reviews, columns, ... While they don't have feed, I can sometimes pick up the new issue announcements via SF Scope.
  4. The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine: "Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and Other Genres". Short fiction (probably original) in audio form, with Subterranean's model. New "issue" every quarter, but "issue" keeps getting filled with one story or article at a time through the quarter. Specific stories sometimes come in 2 version - with or without introduction; I include both. [via Cynthia Ward].
  5. Beneath Ceaseless Skies magazine: Debuted this week. Specialize in "literary adventure fantasy." 'It could also be called "modern traditional fantasy" or "literary swords and sorcery."' "two stories per issue, with a new issue every two weeks... We will also release selected stories as audio podcasts every month."

    I'm picking up new issue announcements.
  6. MechMuse Audio Magazine: Currently dormant, but placed on watch list in the unlikely case it revives. I don't know the frequency when it lived.

    Stories are ad-supported ".m4a" audio files (podcasts). Apparently horror stories - but I'm not sure. "serialized novels, short stories, columns and interviews in audio format."

    Feed will up individual audio stories - whenever (& if) a next issue appears.
  7. Clive Birnie's "Five Minute Fiction": Occasional flash fiction, no set schedule. [via Futurismic].
  8. DragonZine: "The longest-running ezine on the Internet offers hundreds of free fantasy short stories". Running "24 years, ... short stories set in a shared fantasy world." "Written by aspiring collaborative fiction authors". "original medieval fantasy stories ... set in a common milieu ... founded in 1985 as a way for aspiring fantasy writers on the Internet to meet and improve their craft through mutual contact and collaboration as well as feedback from a representative readership via the Internet."

    New issues a bit less frequent than quarterly, but on no fixed schedule. Most recent issue is dated "August 23, 2008", & won't be caught by my feed because of 3 day rule. Next issue due November & later ones should be caught.

    [via QuasarDragon].
  9. Jim Owens & Carlo N Samson's (apparently a serialized novel) The Kethrios Cycle: A shared-world multi-part story set on "the planet called Kethrios, a world where magic is prevalent and humans are dominant. But many mysteries lurk in the unknown places, and an unseen force looms over all!" Story begins here.

    Last post was on "July 28, 2008", & posts were regular till then - so it may be dormant. Watch placed so any future posts will be caught.
  10. Arcane Twilight: "Science fiction & fantasy webzine". Gone indefinitely dormant after "September 2008" issue. My watch is for the very unlikely event it gets revived.

    This feed picks up new issue announcements.

Bugfixes this week.

  1. While Subterranean's feed continues to be unhelpful, I can now pick up a few more stories than I used to.