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Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 (magazine, ed Harry Bates): Annotated table of contents, & download links

Cover image of magazine called Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 issue. Image was painted in water colors by H W Wessolowski from a scene in the included story titled Brigands of the Moon by Ray Cummings. Click image for full sized original scan image.See Astounding 1930-1933 scans index page for basic information.
Update 5 August 2009: Text version of this issue is now available at Project Gutenberg & Manybooks.

Scans of all 1930 issues are on this page, one file per page of magazine, March issue pages named like "asf193003PPP.png": PPP - page number. Page number a story begins at is listed in ToC below. ToC below is produced from this scan page. Click cover image on the right for full-sized original scan image.

Page numbers seem to accumulate for a quarter, at which point they are reset. Don't be surprised to find the first story beginning at page two hundred & something.

Each scan page of this issue is about 1.5 MB.

Caution: While the main text of stories seem to be easily readable in these scans (based on the few pages I've seen), ToC appears blurred - at least at my display resolution.

Table of contents.

  1. [p 295] Captain S P Meek's "Cold Light": "How could a human body be found actually splintered - broken into sharp fragments like a shattered glass! Once again Dr Bird probes deep into an amazing mystery."
  2. [p 306] [serial novel, part 1 of 4] Ray Cummings' "Bridgands of the Moon: The Book Gregg Haljan": "Black mutiny & brigandage stalk the space-ship Pl???tara as she speeds to the moon to pick up a fabulously rich cache of radium-ore."
  3. [p 350] Will Smith & R J Robbins' "The Soul Master": "Desperately O'Hare plunged into Prof Kell's mysterious mansion. His friend kip was the victim of the eccentric scientist's de-materializing experiment, & faced a fate more hideous than death."
  4. [p 376] Sewell Peaslee Wright's "From the Ocean's Depths": "Man came from the sea. Mercer, by his thought-telepgraph, learns from the weirdly beautiful ocean-maiden of a branch that returned there."
  5. [p 390] A T Locke's "Vandals of the Stars": "The livid flame flares across space - & over Manhattan hovers T??xical, vessel of Malfere, Lord of the Universe, who comes with ten thousand warriors to ravage & subjugate one more planet for his master."


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