Saturday, November 8, 2008

Breaking news: Chandrayaan-1 enters lunar orbit

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About 2 hours back, Chandrayaan-1 successfully made the transition from an elliptical earth orbit to an elliptical (& polar) moon orbit.

Now it's down down down (I think in 4 steps) to its final perch of 100 km above the moon in a circular orbit.

There was some degree of nervousness since yesterday. "Experts recall that about 30% of unmanned moon missions of the US & the former Soviet Union failed during LOI [lunar orbit insertion]," says today's Time of India newspaper, Bombay edition, without attributing the statement to any specific experts. This is the first time I've seen reference to others failures before a maneuver; till now, it was all confidence & positive vibes. Hope this event marks a return to former positive self.

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Anonymous said...

An epic event like this and update is so rare on net...a Shame on Indian media.

I can see more Indians logged on to Cricket sites than any that gives importance to this epic event thats unfolding live...Shame on us Indians...!

And a big CONGRATULATIONS to the ISRO team for helping us swell in pride...

Balaji, Abu Dhabi