Sunday, November 30, 2008

Off-topic: Bombay terror attacks, 26-29 November 2008: Yes, Minister

While virtually all politicians in Bombay & Delhi have been giving meaningless platitudes, one stood out of crowd - Mr Shivraj Patil, Home Minister of India.

Man in charge of country's internal security was very specific & helpful - to terrorists! He is the one who's supposed to have told media (& hence terrorists, since they were monitoring media) exactly when & in what strength NSG is going to storm the 3 buildings they were controlling - killing all surprise! NSG top brass was fuming, but I haven't heard much about it after 27th.

News: Today afternoon, the gentleman was out of union cabinet - apparently in a political move to contain damage. There have been a host of security lapses that made the attacks so successful for terrorists.

Related note: I'm puzzled by the fact that security forces allowed live TV coverage of their operations on 27th, even after realizing it was hampering the operations because terrorists inside could access media via internet. News came with a delay only on 28th.


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