Saturday, November 29, 2008

Regulars might want to stay away this week

While I will be regularly posting, most posts this week will be off topic - about Bombay terrorist attacks. Mostly things that are being discussed with some passion privately, but not loudly enough in mass media. More information on attacks is available on almost any India centric news service.

I could not post yesterday because of a local power trouble in my building. Unrelated to attacks. Sorry.

I should return to regular subjects of this site coming weekend. Thanks for your time.

Status as of now:

  1. Taj, the most prominant landmark that has been under seize, is now being combed. 3 terrorists were killed today morning.
  2. Oberoi, the other major landmark, was cleared of terrorists yesterday evening & last I checked, it was still being combed.
  3. Nariman Bhavan, a relatively small building in a densely populated residential area that is said to have housed some sort of religious/cultural center of Jewish community & that gave the attacks their Israel dimension, was also cleared yesterday. I think its combing was finally over yesterday evening or night.


Krishnan said...

Tinkoo, what is your take on these attacks ? Do you think something radical has to done to prevent such attacks in the future ?

Anonymous said...

Glad you're okay. I linked to your blog and mentioned that you'll be blogging about the attack for a bit at at


Jason Sanford

Tinkoo said...

Krishnan - am trying to put together some thoughts. Hope you continue doing so at your blog too.

Jason: Thanks for link & kind words at the end of link.