Wednesday, January 7, 2009

For Indian readers: Science Bloggers Association of India

Science Bloggers Association of India seems to have been recently founded, & is still in the process of being registered with authorities.
Caution: This site is in Hindi; here is the version automatically translated to English by Google.

Charter is rather ambitious - furthering the cause of science & technology communications in India - both online & offline, & increasing the count of blogs in Indian languages. More details on charter in Zakir's welcome post (Google's English translation). Several local science fiction authors are involved, among others. My best wishes to men & women behind the effort.

As of a week back (when I actually wrote this post), there was one more post of interest - Zeashan's list of some science bloggers in India (Google's English translation). It's a small list right now, but I wonder if we can take inspiration from John's very successful meme a couple of weeks back that he used to compile a huge list of sf book reviewers. Zeashan - interested in initiating the meme?


Arvind Mishra said...

Thanks Tinkoo for hilighting this on your blog ! Would you please join the group ?

Tinkoo said...

Thanks Arvind, but I don't have enough time. Sorry.