Friday, January 9, 2009

Jason Sanford wants help finding best online short story of 2008 for "Million Writers Award 2009"

He's seeking "preliminary judges" who will "help screen the nominations and select the list of notable stories of the year." He will then "select a group of judges". I'm not sure if it's a volunteer effort or a paid one.

Last year's award page links to some 2007 online stories that were judged worthy.
PS: I've'nt read any yet.

Award is instituted by storySouth, an online free-access magazine I'd seen before but never read. It features fiction of authors from Southern states of US. "Special emphasis is given to finding and promoting the works of promising new writers." It's described as a "literary journal"; I'm not sure if they don't include sf.

For authors: Winner gets an "overall prize of $300" & some additional exposure, so what have you got to lose by doing what it takes to get nominated if you think you've published a good story online last year?
Caution: I'm not sure if the nominations are open to anyone, rather than just residents of the Southern states of US?


Anonymous said...

Nominations for the award can be made by anyone in the world, as the award is open to any stories published online during 2008. And the preliminary judges are volunteers only--no pay.

Thanks for linking to and promoting this.


Jason Sanford