Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Peter Sykes' "Sci-Fi Lists"

While I'd seen Sci-Fi Lists during early days of Variety SF, I had by & large forgotten this site till I learnt recently that Variety SF is now listed among its Recommended Links. Now after spending a while at the site, I find it an excellent resource for sf fans:

  1. Looking for genre classics? There are dynamic all-time Top 100 lists of novels, short fiction, movies, & more. One of these days, I'll probably do a post on his short fiction list the way I did for William G Contento's Top 10 Most Reprinted Stories. Great resource to look up fiction worth spending time reading.
  2. Locate fiction by theme or era.
  3. His Recommended Links also appears to include online sources of fiction I wasn't aware of. But I haven't really explored this section in detail.
Thanks Peter, for listing me.


  1. My own rankings of all-time short fiction & novels. Sadly, neither of these two lists has been updated for at least 6 months & many entries of online stories there do not include download links. A long pending update - not sure when I will be able to touch them, but I'll post a note when I do update.
  2. Variety SF's by theme or by year/decade/century search for stories. And related feeds (yes, you can subscribe to a feed that will pick up only stories involving adventures on moon, or snoring, robots, published since the year 2000, ... - hundreds of criteria).