Sunday, February 22, 2009

Donald A Wollheim (Ed)'s "Avon Fantasy Reader No 15" (February 1951, anthology, free): Table of contents & download links

Cover image of Avon Fantasy Reader No 15, February 1951, edited by Donald A WollheimWhole book is available as JPEG page scans online, but as part of a larger package. Download information.

Table of contents.

  1. Stanley G Weinbaum's "A Man, a Maid, & Saturn's Temptation" aka "Flight on Titan"; 1934: Not read.
  2. Mary Elizabeth Counselman's "Mommy"; 1939: Not read.
  3. Gilbert Wright's "The Great Gizmo"; 1945: Not read.
  4. Bassett Morgan's "Gray Ghouls"; 1927: Not read.
  5. Maurice Baring's "Venus"; Half a Minute's Silence: Not read.
  6. P Scheuyler Miller's "Ship-in-a-bottle"; 1944: Not read.
  7. Donald A Wollheim's "Up There"; 1942: Not read.
  8. Miles J Breuer's "The Einstein See-Saw"; 1932: Not read.
  9. John Martin Leahy's "In Amundsen's Tent"; 1928: Not read.
  10. Clarke Ashton Smith's "Ubbo-Sathla"; 1942: Not read.
  11. C M Kornbluth's "Kazam Collects"; 1941: Not read.
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