Friday, February 13, 2009

Free Fiction: Jerry Pournelle, Tom Godwin

These are 2 or 3 months old links that were lost in my bookmarks.

Via Free SF Reader: 6 stories from Jerry Pournelle's collection "High Justice" at Webscription. Some of these stories have already been online for a while. Some of the links below aren't visible from ToC, but they work anyway (or did when I checked them some months back).

  1. "A Matter of Sovereignty" (as by Wade Curtis); download; Analog, January 1972.
  2. "Power to the People" (as by Wade Curtis); download; Analog, August 1972.
  3. "Enforcer"; download; F&SF, June 1974.
  4. "High Justice"; download; Analog, March 1974.
  5. "Extreme Prejudice"; download; Analog, July 1974: Nominated for Hugo Award 1975 in novelette category.
  6. "Consort"; download; Analog, August 1975.
Tom Godwin's short novel "The Survivors" at the Webscription.