Saturday, February 28, 2009

Free fiction: Ted Chiang's "Exhalation" (audio)

Podcast at StarShipSofa. Only MP3. [via Boing Boing]
PS: Podcast page seems to be hanging right now! Nothing came in nearly 2 minutes. May be will be ok a few hours from now.

This was one of the only 3 Chiang stories not online, as far as I know. But it came out very recently - original publication in December 2008 in one of the Strahan's anthologies of original fiction.

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Update 28 March 2009: Text of the story; story summary.


Blue Tyson said...

I found Tower Of Babylon yesterday, actually (it was a new site).

Tinkoo said...

Thanks - looking forward to your link.

Actually, I seem to have wrong impressions. Looking up his ISFDB entry, I see several stories that don't seem to be online.

Blue Tyson said...

I linked it yesterday. Liking what You See isn't online - and the short from nature that has two names isn't (Catching Crumbs From the Table / Human Evolution)

The others I think you will find if you look at freesflist.

Exhalation is pretty much new, but Starship Sofa has just done a podcast. Not sure what your bandwidth is like though of course as far as downloading big files.

Krishnan said...

wow ! I cannot wait to download it. Thanks a lot.