Thursday, February 12, 2009

Michael Cassutt's "Skull Valley" (short story, ape man, free)

Familiar tropes - prehistoric human cousins appearing in modern world - their travails & human reactions. Nowhere near as interesting as de Camp's treatment, but a competent job.

Story summary.

Some cave men & women have been brought to life by cloning ancient DNA. They're raised as experimental animals in a prison. Only they're very human.

Now the project funding is gone, & obvious option is to cull them! A couple of them have run away, intending to live. Story is of their hunt, & eventual escape for good.

Fact sheet.

First published: Asimov's, October/November 2007.
Rating: B.
Download full text from publisher's site. Or MP3 audio from Beam Me Up. [Audio link via QuasarDragon]
Among the preliminary Nebula Award 2008 nominees in short story category.