Monday, March 2, 2009

Global warming

Some personal observations, completely unsubstantiated with hard data. I've not even checked local met office's temperature records for the period.

This "winter" is probably the warmest I remember in Bombay. OK - the city never has anything really resembling winter, but in December/January, I normally need to replace shorts with full-leg pajamas at home. And for at least a few weeks, if I'm watching TV late night, I need to pull a blanket over legs - it gets sort of chilly. And I often need a sweater indoors, particularly late evenings & early mornings. And early mornings are always chilly except in very warm summers since one of my bedroom windows faces the sea.

None of this happened this winter. No need for full-leg coverings, leave alone the sweater or blanket. And on at least 3 occasions during the last fortnight, I awoke drenched in sweat rather than chilled! I don't recall mornings getting this warm in previous mid-Februaries.

May be this was just a freak year?