Monday, May 11, 2009

Free movie: Video of a TV episode based on Eando Binder's "I, Robot"

At SF Signal.
Note: No video displays in my Firefox. But since SF Signal has linked it, I suppose it must show in at least some browsers or at some locations.

This is the story that bootstrapped Asimov's robot stories; it also happens to be among the better stories of the genre. A comic book adaptation of this story is also online. Actually, comic & text versions of several stories from the Binder brothers' "Adam Link" series (of which this story is the first) are online; will link later.


girish said...

I must say, I enjoy reading your blog - do you have many subscribers? Post/lurk in rasfw?

Otto Binder, of course went on to a far more stable career as writer of many of the early Superman stories. :)

So where is that (legal) link to his Adam Link stories? I was tempted to buy 2nd hand but resisted due to having an insanely large collection already.

Tinkoo said...

"do you have many subscribers?" - it's still a small site - less than 400 weekdays, even less during weekends.

"Post/lurk in rasfw?" - both, though posts have been a bit erratic during last few months. Watch for tkmailers there.

"link to his Adam Link stories?" - search this site for a few text file links. I think Grantbridge has scans of comic book adaptations of at least 3 Adam Link stories - search author at linked site. I've been thinking of making an Adam Link series post one of these days; hopefully, will get down to writing it someday!