Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two new entries in Playboy 2009 fiction list (both non-genre)

Ref: Playboy 2009 fiction list.

New entries:

  1. May: Jim Shepard' "Minotaur" (B); non-genre: Troubled personal lives of those working on secret military projects.

    In this case, a couple of US military men working on a weapons program dubbed "Minotaur" - a kind of airborne surveillance & attack machine. Because of extreme secrecy that requires them to lie about their work even to their wives, their home lives are unhappy ones.
  2. June: Maile Meloy's "Lovely Rita" (B): non-genre: Complicated story of maladjusted people & wrecked lives in the background of local environment disaster brought by a nuclear power plant & a housing development project.