Thursday, June 18, 2009

Real science: Some lunar imagery, courtesy of Chandrayaan-1

An image of rolling terrain on the surface of moon, taken by Indian vessel Chandrayaan-1Both ISRO & NASA have posted lunar pictures taken by instruments on-board Chandrayaan-1, including some of lunar surfaces never seen before. ISRO's pictures aren't well annotated, but I loved the image on the right (click to enlarge to original size).

  1. ISRO image gallery.
  2. NASA images: Lunar poles, first look inside shadowed craters.
Note: Many of these probably aren't new. It's just that I didn't check Chandrayaan-1 image gallery last several months.

Note 18 June 2009: While there appear to be several interesting images, including of deep craters, far side, & underground structures, lack of annotations ensured I didn't get their significance & had to stick to my own sense of visual aesthetic beauty!!

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