Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hugo Award winners by number of wins

Ian Randal Strock plots a chart at SF Scope.

To my novice & biased eyes, it basically is saying: Hugos should not be taken seriously!


Crotchety Old Fan said...

why 'not to be taken seriously'?

That list represents awards given out since 1953, for all of the author categories (short, novel, etc)

Tinkoo said...

It's just that I find important authors way down this list. Look who's above Heinlein & Asimov & Clarke & Jack Vance & John Varley. Or was it that the first 3 of these did their best work during the decade preceding 53?

Also, which of the top 5 on this list you would really put on genre's all time greats - even since 53? I'll go with Anderson & Leiber, may be, but Willis & Ellison?

Oh - I do understand it's a popularity contest. And I do sometimes look at Hugo lists - only this chart puts across the limits of popularity contest rather starkly.

Crotchety Old Fan said...

I think that the graph visually presents things in a manner that doesn't really reflect what is going on.

Ellison was the top winner prior to Willis coming on the scene - and Ellison won mostly for shorts and television episodes.

Let me do my own for the blog (have it finished in a few minutes) and take a look at it and tell me if your view of things doesn't change...

Tinkoo said...

Will look at your post; thanks.

Crotchety Old Fan said...

the new graph is up -