Saturday, December 26, 2009

Free fiction: 3 years worth of "Amazing Stories" magazine

Scans of 38 issues in CBR & CBZ formats, in 17 RAR files, at Crosseyed Cyclops.

January 1939 issue (in RAR #9) has one of the most famous stories of science fiction: Eando Binder's "I, Robot" (download comic book adaptation, watch video of a TV episode based on this story). This is said to be the first story that breaks the tradition in fiction started by Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" that man's sentient creations must turn against him.
PS: Actually, Frankenstein's "monster" is a widely misunderstood being in popular literature, going by Shelley's classic. But more on this some other time.

A few of the issues have been online already; I note where I know in list below.

Several RARs give errors during extraction. Set WinRAR's extraction dialog's "Keep broken files" flag on (default is off), & these will come but with some pages missing.

These downloads are human-time consuming because you can download only one RAR file at a time, each download must be started manually, & can download only so many of them per day (this last restriction for about half of later files).

Some of the issues contain reprints rather than original fiction - particularly of Jules Verne, but I think also of H G Wells & Edgar Allan Poe; may be other authors too.

At least on first look at ToCs, the issues edited by Hugo Gernsback (first few) appear more interesting than later ones. But I haven't read much from here - so this impression may be very wrong.

Here are the contents of individual RARs (links on author fetch more fiction by that author; link on an issue title goes to its annotated ToC page):

  1. "Amazing 1 rar": "Amazing Stories Quarterly, Fall 1931", "Amazing Stories, July 1951".
  2. "Amazing 2 rar": "Amazing Stories, April 1926" (inaugural issue of magazine), "Amazing Stories, August 1929", "Amazing Science Fiction Stories, January 1982". Among the authors: George R R Martin, Theodore Sturgeon, Jules Verne, H G Wells, Edgar Allan Poe.

    1982 issue?
  3. "Amazing 3 rar": Has only a few pages of March 1927 issue - fragments of two stories, neither complete. Not worth the download.
  4. "Amazing 4 rar": February 1929, November 1929. Among the authors: H G Wells.
  5. "Amazing 5 rar": September 1932, April 1934. Among the authors: E E "doc" Smith, Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Williamson.
  6. "Amazing 6 rar": August 1934, October 1934. Among the authors: Jules Verne, P Schuyler Miller, Eando Binder.
  7. "Amazing 7 rar": March 1935. June 1938. Among the authors: John W Campbell, Jr, Ross Rocklynne, Eando Binder.
  8. "Amazing 8 rar": November 1938, December 1938. Among the authors: Stanley G Weinbaum, Eando Binder.
  9. "Amazing 9 rar": January 1939, February 1939. Among the authors: Eando Binder.
  10. "Amazing 10 rar": May 1939, June 1939. Among the authors: Isaac Asimov.
  11. "Amazing 11 rar": July 1939, December 1939, January 1940. Among the authors: Eando Binder.
  12. "Amazing 12 rar": April 1940, May 1940, June 1940. April 1940 & June 1940 issues are also available online elsewhere.

    Among the authors: Eando Binder.
  13. "Amazing 13 rar": July 1940, August 1940. Both these issues are also available online elsewhere.

    Among the authors: Eando Binder.
  14. "Amazing 14 rar": October 1940, November 1940. Among the authors: Raymond Z Gallun.
  15. "Amazing 15 rar": December 1940, January 1941, April 1941. Among the authors: Eando Binder, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ross Rocklynne.
  16. "Amazing 16 rar": May 1941, June 1941. June 1941 issue is also available online elsewhere.

    Among the authors: Eando Binder, Edgar Rice Burroughs.
  17. "Amazing 17 rar": July 1941, August 1941, September 1941. September 1941 issue is also available online elsewhere.

    Among the authors: Leigh Brackett, Edgar Rice Burroughs.
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Anonymous said...

Hello! I tried to access your link to the January 1939 issue of Amazing stories, and there was no content. Can you help me access this magazine? I would greatly appreciate it.