Monday, January 25, 2010

Free fiction: Henry Kuttner & C L Moore

All at Internet Archive.

  1. Henry Kuttner's "The Spawn Of Dagon"; download.
  2. Henry Kuttner's "The Graveyard Rats"; download.
  3. Henry Kuttner's "What Hath Me?"; download.
  4. Henry Kuttner's "The Eyes of Thar"; download.
  5. C L Moore's "Quest Of the Starstone"; download.
  6. C L Moore's "Yvala"; download.
  7. C L Moore's "Lost Paradise"; download.
  8. C L Moore's "Nymph of Darkness"; download.
  9. C L Moore's "Julhi"; download.
  10. C L Moore's "The Tree Of Life"; download.
  11. [flash fiction] C L Moore's "Song In A Minor Key"; download.; part of Northwest Smith series: Has been online awhile elsewhere.