Wednesday, March 3, 2010

John Scalzi's "After the Coup" (short story, sports, humor, free)

Illustration by John Harris accompanying the original appearance at of the short story After the Coup by John ScalziI had an impression humor in Scalzi's fiction was intended only for US readers, but this one should be broadly comprehensible. Good stuff - sort of like A Bertram Chandler rewriting Fredric Brown's "Arena" (download), with the twisted rules Ender had to fight with in Card's "Ender's Game".

Story summary.

Diplomacy with aliens called Korbans requires one of the human "CDF soldiers", one who hasn't fought for years, to fight a sort of multi-round wrestling match in an arena with a Korban. And with rules all twisted against him. And he's required to lose, but not by a large margin!

Fun ensues.

Fact sheet.

First published:, sometime in July 2008.
Download full text from publisher's site.
Rating: A.
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Rich said...

I just did a quick Google search for "blospot+hal+clement" and I am glad I did. I will keep an eye on your blog, now, to see what you post. Even considering the inherent personal bias in book recommendations, I already know I like many SF authors.