Friday, June 18, 2010

"Thrilling Wonder Stories", Spring 1945 (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover image of Thrilling Wonder Stories magazine, Spring 1945 issue. It is a painting by Earle Bergey, and depicts a scene in the story Devils from Darkonia by Jerry SheltonScans of this magazine in CBR format are available as part of a larger package.
Caution: CBR probably has a few pages missing; when I renamed it as RAR, I had to extract with WinRAR's extraction dialog's "Keep Broken Files" switch on because of errors.

Table of contents.

  1. [novel] Jerry Shelton's "Devils from Darkonia": When strange demons drive him haywire, Professor Bradley learns that if you advertise for the Devil, that worthy - or a reasonable facsimile of same - is sure to appear!"
  2. [novelette] Ross Rocklynne's "Venus Sky-Trap": "With a girl's life at stake, Reg Mason & Pirate Aarn take a chance to balk a villain!"
  3. [novelette] Henry Kuttner's "Baby Face": "When a tough sergeant reverts to infancy he just won't be weaned from fighting mankind's foes!"
  4. [ss] Arthur G Stangland's "The Plant Man": "Jefferson Smith becomes a most remarkable being".
  5. [ss] Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr's "Delvers in Destiny": "A conquest-mad dictator flees back into the past".
  6. [ss] Polton Cross' "Mark Grayson Unlimited": " Dr Grayson's image goes marching on!"
  7. [ss] Sam Merwin, Jr's "No Greater Worlds": "Agonto Tenodin's ship roars into outer space".


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