Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poul Anderson's "Sargasso of Lost Starships" (novella, space opera, free): Humans humble god-like aliens

This is one of the impossible adventures in the style of early sf: humans travels hundreds of light-years, only to fight with swords & spears, against aliens so powerful the humans ought not to have any chance! About half way through, I'd to shut off the mind & just kept reading without being critical.

"Sargasso" of the title apparently comes from Sargasso Sea, a region of Atlantic Ocean bounded by sea streams. In the story, there is the Black Nebula - a huge cloud in the skies - that acts a kind of Bermuda Triangle: ships entering it simply vanish, & are never heard of again. I don't know if the real Sargasso Sea is part of Bermuda Triangle.

This is the story of human adventurers entering this forbidden region of galaxy, & surviving - with heavy losses. There they will meet & overcome psychopathic ancients of enormous magical powers.

Fact sheet.

First published: Planet Stories, January 1952.
Download full text in multiple formats from Internet Archive.
Rating: B.
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