Saturday, April 2, 2011


This would have been very funny, had it not put me through so much pain & wasted so much time & money.

I finally went to one of the bigger hospitals in the city earlier this week to get a second opinion on my mysterious fever that has now lasted close to a month & a half. And the doctor's preliminary diagnosis was: dehydration (summer is just beginning in India). And the main medicine is: drink water equal to at least 5% of your body weight! I haven't had fever since I increased my water intake.

Final diagnosis is still awaited - some test results will be available Tuesday when I have my next appointment with doc. And I still have a minor throat infection.

I'm not sure if my feeling better is really because of additional water intake, or if the doc's sweet talk put a recovery virus in my head! But it has worked for at least a few days now.

I'm hosting a very dear visitor for last few days; so haven't had much time for blog this week. Unless Tuesday throws up a new spin, the posting frequency should begin returning towards normal next week.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes have the same problem. Same solution, too.
-- Douglas

Larry said...

Good grief I do hope things get better for you soon!!

Anonymous said...

Really glad to hear you're on the mend - and it turned out to be something quite manageable! Just a word of thanks - I really enjoy & appreciate your blog and visit regularly :)

Tinkoo said...

Thank you.