Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sidney Austen's "The Frightened Planet" (short story, free): Stone-age earthman helps aliens regain their lost empire

Illustration accompanying the original publication in Amazing Stories magazine of short story The Frightened Planet by Sidney Austen
I loved it, in spite of its juvenile appeal & general unbelievableness. Some stories just hook the reader.

Caution: Story include commentary on male/female relations that violates modern sensibilities.

Story summary.

Karn of Tur, a stone age earthman, alone in the wilderness after a fight with his cave leader, will end up saving the lives of 3 visiting aliens from wild beasts & then traveling with them to their world, Mahlo.

Now Mahlo is a degenerate world. Space-faring folks with great cities are basically cowards, & quickly fall to spear-wielding lizard-men ("Green Ones") from their jungles. Karn will teach them bravery & help them regain their world back.

Fact sheet.

First published: Amazing Stories, October 1948.
Download full text from Project Gutenberg, Manybooks, Internet Archive.
Rating: A.