Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Raymond Z Gallun's "Comet's Burial" (short story, free): Terraforming moon!

This is old fashioned science fiction adventure; drop any pretense of realism, & go have fun. We also see some ancient Martian relics on moon, ride through Sol aboard a Martian ship, & eat long-preserved Martian canned meat that's probably of earth's dinosaurs!

Jess Brinker is convinced real underground cities can be built on moon if only some way were found to cut through its 200 km thick crust to reach the resources inside. So he & his apprentice Arne Copeland will move Brulow's Comet to smash into far side of moon - without informing anyone else on moon or earth!

Of course, there will be happy ending.

Fact sheet.

First published: Science Fiction Stories, #1 (1953).
Download full text from Project Gutenberg.
Rating: B.
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