Friday, January 13, 2012

"Clarkesworld", January 2012 (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents & review

Cover, titled Rockman by Arthur Wang, of Clarkesworld magazine, January 2012 issue
This is among the most interesting issues of Clarkesworld I've ever seen. Two quite decent stories. Last one below is readable, but has too many fancy things & situations to hold my interest.

Whole magazine, fiction & other stuff, is here. I've only read fiction.

PS: They normally have 2 stories per issue, except December which has 3. I don't know why this issue has 3.
  1. [ss] Gwendolyn Clare's "All the Painted Stars" (A); download: An alien ("Sheekah") fighter pilot is itching for a fight, & gets involved in it. And finds a second purpose in life...

    Added to my "best of 2012" list.
  2. Rahul Kanakia's "What Everyone Remembers" (B); download: This story is a ... sort of descendant of James Blish's "Surface Tension". Post-apocalypse, a woman is preparing to carry on the human line via humanized cockroaches.
  3. Aliette de Bodard's "Scatterd Along the River of Heaven" (B); download text/audio: A freedom fighter who had to live in exile once freedom came, seen at her funeral from the eyes of a grandaughter she never knew.
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