Thursday, August 9, 2012

Large collection of old pulps

Somebody has recently been posting these collections as torrents:
  1. Wonder Stories & Science Wonder Stories (note this collection is mislabeled as of If magazine). (9 GB).
  2. Fantastic Adventures. (12 GB).
There is also a Galaxy magazine torrent doing the rounds, but it includes an issue from 90s too (probably a resurrected version of the magazine) - so I won't link it. Search for "Galaxy magazine 253 issues" & you might get lucky. It's about 17 GB.

I haven't downloaded any yet - so not sure how healthy or accurate the contents are. Mostly CBR/CBZ files.

Update 1 Nov 2012:  There is now one more torrent by the same guy - Famous Fantastic Mysteries. (4 GB).

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Anonymous said...

Galaxy search takes you by auto re-direct to sex sites etc.

Tinkoo said...

Well, then you're out of luck at the moment.

But Google search results keep changing. May be try a few months down the line.