Friday, September 21, 2012

"Astounding Science Fiction" (British Edition), June 1947 (magazine, free): Annotated table of contents

Cover of Astounding Science Fiction magazine, British edition, June 1947 issue.
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British editions used to be mostly reprints from US editions rather than original stories.

Table of contents.

  1. [novelette] Theodore Sturgeon's "Mewhu's Jet": 'Mewhu came from--somewhere. He wrecked his spaceship on landing, but the "parachute" he had was something decidedly super--an atomic jet job! The problem was to get into communication--they thought.'
  2. [novelette] Clifford D Simak's "Hobbies": "The cities were deserted, save for one. The men & women of that city had hobbies--but no accomplishments. The robots they had left behind were doing better..."
  3. [novelette] George O Smith's "Trouble": '"It takes two to make a quarrel" doesn't mean two different people, really--just two different viewpoints!"
  4. [ss] Mark Champion's "The Unforeseen": "A prison break is successful only when it employs some factor which neither foresight nor past experience has called to the attention of the guards. The key to freedom is--the unforeseen."
  5. [ss] A Bertram Chandler's "Tower of Darkness": "The planet was a deadly place--deadly not to men, but to their ambition. It seemed to be cursed by the Tower, & against the Tower neither strong will, nor the flame of human ambition succeeded. It took something quite different--& unanswerable."

Fact sheet.

Labeled: Vol V No 10 (British Edition).
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Note: I could not locate editor's name, but it's probably John Campbell.
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