Saturday, October 20, 2012

3 minor stories

All online via scans of Astounding (British Edition), May 1958. All short story length.
  1. Jon Stopa's "Hot Water" (B): This government doesn't know how to handle civil unrest; both sides are throwing atom bombs at each other!

    It deals with a subject that is often in news in India now-a-days - the "project affected people". And has an interesting quote:

    "Democracy occurs when a majority respects the rights of a minority--unfortunately the majority rarely does so except when the minority can make it listen."
  2. Christopher Anvil's "Achilles' Heel" (B); download: Starfaring humanity's military commander finally gets insight on how to defeat "Wij-Wij", aliens that look like "giant inchworms" & with whom earth is at war.
  3. Robert Silverberg's "No Way Out" (B): Chief executive of an overpopulated earth still breeding uncontrollably finally has enlightenment: to take measures to cut the breeding rate!
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