Saturday, December 1, 2012

Plug: Sean Benham's novel "Blope"

Cover of the novel Blope by Sean Benham
Author would like us to know about his novel, originally published in 2012. Here is the blurb provided by author:

"Son of Satan and Grandson of the Messiah, Billy Lopez was born with a sordid lineage, an ancestry that has been veiled since birth. Now, he’s a wanted man, forced
to flee the only life he has ever known… and where he’s headed isn’t pretty. Born into The United Prefectures of America, a colony doubling as an experiment in severe
racial segregation, Billy was destined for a life of state-controlled mediocrity until he let the most benign element of his forbidden heritage slip. As a white teenager surreptitiously raised in an all-brown Prefecture, his cover has been blown. He has to leave
the upper crust privileges of F Prefecture behind and make his escape into M, a dirt poor, bone white Prefecture. One that isn’t listed on any map.

Forced into a harrowing new world of extreme body modification, black market sex tapes and organized religion gone horribly awry, Billy has to keep his wits about him in order to keep his head on his neck. M Prefecture is best known for two things: cheap life and grisly death. Driven by the mix of divine and profane blood that courses through his veins, he strives to learn the truth about himself and his new surroundings, truths his sheltered upbringing kept hidden. What Billy finds out about M Prefecture is ugly. What he finds out about himself is downright disgusting."