Friday, July 6, 2007

Introducing Variety SF website

With the exception of Asimov & Clarke, most of my sf reading to date - some 200 stories in all - has been generally random. This project is to systematically explore the genre.

The focus is to look at stories by as many authors as possible. To help choose authors & stories, I plan to look at anthologies, "best of" collections, Hugo/Nebula/other awards lists, usenet & other blogger recommendations, etc.

For historical reasons, works of Clarke are on an older site.

Vanity Corner (added 14 March 2008).

  1. Rusty lists Variety SF as among "The 10 Best Web Sites for Free Online Science Fiction Short Stories".

Sundry links (added 13 August 2008).

This section links outdated stuff elsewhere at this site. These pages were originally linked from left bar, & these links no longer make sense. But all of the contents of these files have not yet been integrated into things that made them outdated - so I cannot delete them.
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