Thursday, January 24, 2008

My "best of the year" picks: 2008

My picks follow, in no particular order. Here is some background information, & how I pick the stories. More "best of 2008" lists at the bottom.

  1. [novella] David Brin's "The Smartest Mob"; download; Jim Baen's Universe, #11 (February 2008); hard sf: A terrorist attack is foiled, by electronically summoning an online mob of helpful amateurs, experts, & hangers ons.
  2. [novelette] Mike Resnick's "Alastair Baffle's Emporium of Wonders"; download; Asimov's, January 2008; fantasy: An enigma is described. Hugo award 2009 nominee in novelette category.
  3. [ff] Peter MacGregor's "Ally's Torment" (A); download; AntipodeanSF, #116 (January/February 2008); fantasy: Gods from the perspective of Aleesha. I could have been more specific with description, but that would spoil the fantastic story ending.
  4. [ff] Glenn Davies's "In His Image" (A); download; AntipodeanSF, #116 (January/February 2008); grandfather paradox: A young man builds & uses a time machine to go meet his dead grandfather, & discovers he doesn't want to return. Beautiful ending, though not original.
  5. [ff] Greg Wickenhofer & Rick Wickenhofer's "Orbiter's Reward" (A); download; AntipodeanSF, #117 (February/March 2008); science fiction: Beware of "cute" & very useful robots; they can be very dangerous!
  6. [ss] Jane Smiley's "Paradigm Shift" (A); Playboy, June 2008; science fiction, humor: Going green can spice up your married life! Caution: skip this story you cannot withstand explicit sex talk.
  7. [ss] Tony D'Souza's "The Cook" (A); Playboy, March 2008; non genre: Small town India, seen from the eyes of 3 Americans. Same data, completely different perceptions!
  8. [ss] Mike Resnick's "Article of Faith" (A); download; Jim Baen's Universe, #15 (October 2008); religion: A robot wants to be accepted as member of a church! Hugo award 2009 nominee in short story category.
  9. [ss] Rahul Jaisheel's "21 Minutes" (A); download; The Scientific Indian, 23 November 2008; time travel: A shorter & less drastic variation on Henry Kuttner & C L Moore's "Vintage Season".
  10. [ss] Ben Bova's "Moon Race" (A); download; Jim Baen's Universe, #16 (December 2008): Description of a motor race on moon that includes a new type of ground vehicle that makes more of lunar surface easily accessible to human colonists.
  11. [ss] Aditya Sudarshan's "Live and exclusive"; download; The Scientific Indian, 24 December 2008: Design of a burglar-proof house.
  12. [novelette] Greg Egan's "Crystal Nights" (A); download text from publisher's site, or podcast at Transmission from Beyond (includes downloabable MP3 audio); Interzone, #215 (April 2008): A retelling of Theodore Sturgeon's "Microcosmic God". A man creates a fast-evolving micro-cosmos as a computer simulation, but things aren't quite under control...
  13. [ss] Catherynne M Valente's "A Buyer's Guide to Maps of Antarctica" (A); download; Clarkesworld, May 2008: Life stories of 2 of the early explorers of Antarctica.
  14. [ss] Ted Chiang's "Exhalation" (A); download text/MP3; Jonathan Strahan (Ed)'s "Eclipse Two: New Science Fiction and Fantasy": A "man"'s quest for knowledge in an unusual universe reveals something unexpected & alarming.
  15. Karl Schroeder & Tobias S Buckell's "Mitigation" (A); Lou Anders (Ed)'s "Fast Forward Two"; environment: When a robbery did some good too!
  16. [novella] Carolyn Ives Gilman's "Arkfall" (A); read online (no download); F&SF, September 2008: Adventure in a water world.
Legend: ss = short story; ff = flash fiction.


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Krishnan said...

Hi beem visiting your blog almost daily. I am diehard fan of SF. I find your posts pretty informative. I am dying to get my hands on books by Greg Egan and Michael Swanwick, not many is available at bookstores in Chennai.

Tinkoo said...

Thanks for kind words, Krishnan.

While I haven't read a lot by the two authors you mention, I've liked what little I've read of Greg Egan & disliked Swanwick's. But everyone to his tastes.

If you are looking for them based on someone's recommendations rather than your own first hand experience, you might first want to try a few of their short stories available online.

I'm not very familiar with Madras, but some of my experiences in B'by might help. Usually small guys - one or two room privately owned shop or roadside guys - tend to be more effective genre sources than corporate owned big stores - later for somewhat older books; former for almost anything you want - though they might take a while to get a specific book.

I once bought a book from - large catalog to choose from, but their delivery systems are totally messed up. Say they'll deliver in 15 days, & take 3 months!! Never pay them at the time of placing order - pay only on delivery, if you must buy from them.

If you look around, you might sometimes get things at ebay/India - my experience so far is quite good (but I haven't purchased books there, though I've seen them listed). ebay accepts payment in local currency, as opposed to Amazon or Fictionwise - so they're much more practical.