Thursday, April 8, 2010

Online fiction

Just collecting at one place the various tools this site has to find free online fiction.

Variety SF links to free fiction via two totally independent tracks:

  1. Manual posts.
  2. Automatically find fiction via a software bot.

Manual posts.

  1. All free fiction posts: archive, feed.

    This is a selection of relevant entries from the main feed.
  2. Only "good" online fiction: feed.

    Definition of "good" is, of course, a personal one - stories rated "A" by me.

    Automatically selects relevant posts from among all free fiction posts. This is a low traffic feed - one or two posts a week, sometimes not even that.

Automatically generated posts.

These are generated by software bots that continuously troll a large number of known publishers of online fiction. They generally find more fiction early on the month, but someone or the other is always publishing - so there should be something most days.

Note these are very high traffic feeds, particularly the later one; very few items are likely to appeal to any specific individual. Program generated tags are added as prefixes to feed item titles to allow automatic client-level filtering based on personal tastes. Ruthlessly delete what is not obviously of interest, or it can quickly overwhelm.

Caution: While I take some care to ensure inappropriate content doesn't slip in, it occasionally does. One of the costs of unattended software. Take care.
  1. Free original fiction: feed.
  2. All sorts of online fiction, including original fiction & my manual free fiction posts: feed.