Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Stories about technology assisted human baby making

I order the ones reviewed here on the subject by quality - best first. Link on story name takes you to my commentary. Just following story name, in brackets, is my rating. "*" prefix means full story text is available for download - at link labeled "online".

  1. * Ellen Klages' "Ringing Up Baby" (A); short story (2006); online: Humor. Choose pretty much any attribute of your child. Including borrowing some genes from other animals!
  2. * Katherine Maclaine's "All Kinds of Reasons" (A); short story (2007); online: A couple can choose the best baby among several.
  3. Robert Heinlein's "Beyond This Horizon" (B); novel (1942): A couple can choose the best baby among all they are going to have over the lifetime. Those normally born are a lower caste. Villains breed special purpose human babies we would call monsters - like those that can live naturally on Venus!
See also.
  1. All stories where genetic engineering is the primary theme, whether applied to humans or other animals.